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Wonder Boyz - Tarzan



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Lovefool, Lovefull | please do not edit!

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Favorite Kpop MVs ⇥ ‹ You don’t love me - SPICA ›

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140628 Mini Fanmeeting © 에버그린
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I can never unlove you. I’ll just love you in a different way now.
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by victoria siemer


Thu, Jul 31 @ 11:52 AM
ohh art


it’s been raining everyday this week and I have loved every minute of it, and how i imagine that the color of the sky makes me think that it’s blushing because its embarrassed to have let itself cry so much. I have found a home in this weather.

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Jongin invading Kyungsoo’s personal space just to whisper in his ear ♡

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